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It has gone twice to a black screen. As someone else said. I also said a prayer! It seems to be working after the prayer.

OS X Yosemite Installation Stuck with Minutes Remaining? Wait!

Good luck to all of you. At least now there my be hope. Hour to DL 2 hours to get to under a minute mark, froze. So if anyone has been able to resolve this issue I would really love to hear how. It took about 15 minutes. Helps to have very fast internet connection. Started the install and went all the way through the installation, but it is stuck on the second power up. Dark gray screen with mouse pointer arrow and nothing else. The installation seems to be stuck there. Tried cmd-L but nothing happens. The pointer moves with my mouse, but that is it. Luckily I have the weekend to work through it.

You may be surprised the Yosemite installation takes the whole day. Checked the hard drive and found no damage done and reinstalled Mavericks. Later at home under close supervision, I tried to reinstall Yosemite, and to my disappointment, after a couple of reboot process of the installation, the same thing happened again: My thought at he time was never to try installing the Yosemite again and get back the Mavericks. Mind you, this was Saturday night after Apple tech rebooted and put the computer on Mavericks.

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My intention was to go back to the tech on Tuesday and live with it without any upgrade until this annoying issue gets resolved by Apple. This was around mid night on Saturday. So, I left it stuck and went to bed. In the morning, restated it with power button and I saw it frozen at the same location and decided that this case would never work at all.

OS X Yosemite Installation Stuck with Minutes Remaining? Wait!

I still left it where it was and late in the afternoon at 3 PM being very curious, I powered it up and got dark gray screen and no Apple logo or installation bar. I thought the computer is gone. But, wait a minute this dark gray is familiar, the Mac does it before it starts the sign on screen. I still left it there and went back after 5 minutes. Since it was on sleep mode, I had to power it up. I could not believe my eyes.

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The sign on screen came up. This happened after 15 hours. To make the long story short, as Paul said be patient and just leave it alone and do your other business. The process may take 20 to 24 hours, and be ready for the long wait. I also made the mistake in upgrading to Yosemite from Maverick on Saturday early morning. My computer was working perfect prior to the upgrad. It took me 3 hours to instal. Just like everyone else I got stuck in Apple progress var for 2 hours. I did everything I could and my network is very fast.

I googled about this issue and ran into many common issues posted here. Luckily I do have fresh back up.

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But I tried reinstalling Yosemite over and over again. After every reinstallation, I do get to my desktop and all my files are there and all programs run smooth. But if I restart the computer, some thing happens. I visited Apple genius today, they seem to be clueles. He said that they usually get it one week after initial implantation. So he told me to come back home and start the reinstalling the Yosemite and work on my projects and go back on Friday and he would do the clean installation of maverick and then I can transfer my files from my back up.

Such a waste of time. After 3 hours of reinstalling, I am now restoring from my backup machine.

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Another 3 hours here, I hope that back up will help. I will post an update in a few hours. I lost many hours of work because of this stupid backup. This is a red flag for me, I ran into many problems for my iPhone IOs 8 upgrad. I waited out one delay — with 1 second remaining — for about 15 minutes and it proceeded. Then stuck with 7 minutes remaining for over 3 hours. Cmd-l gave me only a spinning pinwheel. Finally gave up and held down the power button to restart. It then took only about 15 minutes to install Yosemite this second time. How i can upgrade my Yosemite Beta to Full Yosemite.

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Without deleting the apps which are already installed like Steam Counter Strike: And, if there is no way to upgrade it please let me know that how i can fresh install Full Yosemite without loosing any data. Should I be worried? Is it going to right itself and continue loading like normal if I just leave it be? Mine as also stuck at 22 minutes, I am on late Macbook. However, I left it untouched and went to sleep. When I woke up after 5 hours, ip installation was done. Was having the same problem for hours.

Finally I shut it down by holding the power button. Let it sit for a minute then hit power button again to power up. The install finished in about 5 minutes after that and all has been well. Just get that chirp sound. I notice the external HD which holds my 1. Reluctant to reboot, but I need to do some work urgently….. Got sick of waiting. Shut down with the power button. Restarted and the progress bar started slowly, but then log in screen appeared with a blurry photo and eventually was able to log in. Everything seems fine at this stage. I wish I was more patient, I thought it was hung, so I did a hard reboot via the power button… My MB Pro Retina then booted to what looked like a normal login screen however, the password box was greyed out and acting strange.

Neither of these worked for me. Now I am restoring the OS from my Time Machine backup — 17 hours from now I hope to be back in business and I will stay away from Yosemite until the bugs are gone. If you get stuck on a blank grey screen you need to reinstall os x. Not fun, but why you make backups! I can wait calmly. Still fingers crossed tho. I had been stuck at the white screen with the cursor and nothing else for 12 hours. I did a reboot and everything seems to be working.

Install stuck at 22 minutes for an hour now. Pulled up the installer log with command L.

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It shows progress is being made. Going to leave it overnight and hope for the best. Well my mac has been stuck in stupid mode for 24 hours now. I downloaded Yosemite last night from the Apps store and it took a while to download and it was installing fine and then it told me it needed to restart and it never has. That was last night. I left it open and on all day stuck in the snowy gray screen with a progress bar stuck a third of the way and when I got home it looked the same when I picked it up.