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If one is attached to an e-mail, you can just tap the attachment to read it. But be warned that if the document has the track changes feature enabled to show edits, you don't see the edits on the iPhone. You instead just see what the text would look like with the redline edits accepted.

iOS Pages Update Adds Word-Compatible Track Changes

Thus, if I e-mail a Word document containing the text in the above example to my iPhone and tap the attachment, here is what I see:. Note that if I hold down on the attachment and view it in another app, I might be able to see the redline edits. Documents to Go cannot create redline edits on the iPhone or iPad — indeed, there is currently no app that does so, and I hope that this changes soon — but it is nice to be able to see the redline edits when someone asks you to review them.

If you try to view the file in Office 2 , you see all of the text both the deleted text and the new text without any indication of what is old and what is new. I wasn't able to try this redline file with the Quickoffice app. A few days ago, that app was upgraded to version 4. I've been in communication with Quickoffice about this bug and they are investigating it. If you use Quickoffice and you have not yet upgraded, consider waiting to upgrade until this bug is fixed. A new version of Quickoffice is now out.

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Unfortunately, I confirmed that Quickoffice Pro handles track changes the same way as Office 2 , i. Accordingly, there are two things that you should be aware of. First, if you want to view redline edits, purchase and use Documents to Go on your iPhone or iPad.

Second — and this is the really important one — be aware that when you are viewing a Word file using the iPhone or iPad's built-in viewer, you are not seeing redline edits even if they are there. Thus, if you forward that file to opposing counsel, you may not realize that you are showing the opposing counsel not just the modified version of the document but also the original version of the document with the modifications noted in redline.

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Depending upon the edits, this could be disastrous for you and your client. Under the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, there is nothing unethical about your opposing counsel reviewing those redline edits that you sent him, although if he knows or reasonably should know that the transmission of this metadata was inadvertent he does have a duty to notify you.

And apparently in some states, such as Maryland, there is not even a duty to disclose. Take a look at this helpful page from the ABA for a comparison of the ethical duties of attorneys in various jurisdictions. There are companies such as 3BView that offer a service to remove metadata from files on your iPhone. That can be useful if you know that the metadata is there, but my main concern is for lawyers who view and forward Word files on their iPhone or iPad without realizing that the track changes features was in use.

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Tap , then turn Change Tracking on. Tap , tap Change Tracking, then tap Pause. If the document is shared on iCloud and you turn on change tracking, people using Pages for iCloud can only view the document. Tap , then tap Change Tracking. Displays deleted text with a strikethrough and new text in a different color from the surrounding text.

Manage tracked changes

Displays only the new text in a different color from the surrounding text. Deleted text is hidden.

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Displays new text in the same color as the surrounding text and hides deleted text. Pages continues to track changes, so if you change to a different view, you can see them. To be sure all changes are visible, tap , tap Change Tracking, then tap Markup.

If you reject all changes, the text reverts to the state of the document before you started tracking. To learn how to review comments in a document, see Add and manage comments. To learn how to change the author name, see Set author name and comment color.